Leading Young Professionals

The 5-step program.

“I was always on”, says Sarina (28), a young professional working for a large company. Time and again I received emails, apps and I was continuously busy with everyone and everything. I said yes to everything and wanted to be involved in everything. Someone recently called me a real-life garbage can ; you let everyone throw everything in and want to resolve it all by yourself. I did recognize that, but it really went wrong when I stopped going to the gym, kept working evenings, cancelled social events with friends and got concentrations problems at work. It became an even bigger problem when I received critical feedback on my performance, and I developed sleeping problems: then the lights went out.


Are you a manager and do you have young professionals like Sarina within your team, and do you want to keep their performance optimal? Then, read on, because as a manager you have influence. You can prevent the negative spiral and you can use their talents in an optimal way.

The 5-steps program

It’s important that you utilize their power and energy in the right wat, make maximum use of their qualities, be able to learn from them and… be there in time to prevent problems. With the 5-stepformula you have a powerful tool.

The 5-stepsfomula in a model:

Future-proof leadership

Employees from different generations all come together within your team or department. This leads to generation diversity and that can cause certain challenges and at times, unfortunately, problems in the workplace. The performance and quality in the workplace can be under pressure. At the same time, it can be very challenging to utilize all generations and to use diversity, so that you, as a manager, are more future-proof. We zoom in on the youngest professionals in the workplace: the millennials/ generation Y (born between 1985 and 2000) and the Z generation that comes after that.

With the 5-step formula you get more knowledge, more tips and more tools for the short and longer term as a manager to bind young professionals toward your company, to keep them interested and utilize their talents.


“If you want something, you have to organize it”. There are various activities we offer, and we can organize them within your organization, the company itself can organize it or via open registration.

Would you like to know more? For example, about the 5-step program; please contact Hans Prinsen of EMC Performance.

EMC cooperates with 2 experienced, specialized coaches: Ginny Ophorst and Laurens van der Drift.