Expensive meters (about performance coaching)

Do you know what I mean by expensive meters? asked Marianne, L&D Manager at a large company. ‘There are approximately 500 meters between our conference center and our own building. These meters are expensive, because we spend tons of euros  on all kinds of traditionally set up training courses. But after a training course, employees walk across the site back to their workplace; they switch of the knowledge that they have learned and go back to their daily routine. After a few days you will not see or hear anything about what they had learned during this (classic) course’. 

Precious misunderstanding

Jos Arets (Tulser) calls that a ‘Precious misunderstanding’. If you think that training always achieves that people will apply what they have learned, then you might be very disappointed. Training does not always achieve improvement of performance and quality enhancement of the employees. This can also depend on the trainer of course. We all know a teacher of the past who made an impression and gave lessons that we can still remember today. Training has the advantage that you can meet each other in a different environment. But thinking of these expensive meters, we should think twice about the use of a traditional training. How many of those expensive meters can we flush through a well? 

Tackle the learning questions

In my practice as a consultant and coach, I often hear that a business indicates: if we invest money and time towards development, it will have to be useful for our people. Therefore, I suggest investing in the improvement of performance within the workplace. You can simply start by using a Performance coach.  Performance enhancement in the workplace is what a Performance coach can achieve. This can be a manager, someone from L&D or someone in the team who is able to pick up learning questions and to put it in action in the workplace. The EMC Performance coach has the skills to step into the immediate workplace and to find out ‘the question behind the question’ and has a Toolbox from which he can use all kinds of interventions that can be used to effectively help the employees tackle the learning questions.  

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