9 oktober 2019

De vijf stappen voor leidinggeven aan jonge professionals

Lees hier over het vijf stappenmodel voor het begeleiden van jonge professionals. Hoe geef jij leiding aan jonge professionals? En hoe maak je gebruik van […]
7 oktober 2019

De optimale samenwerking met millennials

Geschreven door: Ginny Ophorst Hoe begeleid je als leidinggevende de millenials in je team? Van hard werken heeft nog nooit iemand een burn-out gekregen. Maar […]
3 oktober 2019

Leading Young Professionals

The 5-step program. “I was always on”, says Sarina (28), a young professional working for a large company. Time and again I received emails, apps […]
1 oktober 2019

The Toolbox of a performance coach

Kees has been the team leader of a large production company for many years. Unfortunately, the machines do not always work that well, the team […]
1 oktober 2019

Expensive meters (about performance coaching)

Do you know what I mean by expensive meters? asked Marianne, L&D Manager at a large company. ‘There are approximately 500 meters between our conference […]
30 september 2019

Leading millennials

Many employees experience in these busy times a a lot of uncontrollable stress. That’s a shame since employees perform less or even drop out due […]